If you love doodling, personalised products or DIY, you probably will want to get these markers.

Raku yaki marker | Source
Presenting the raku yaki marker! | Source

Called Raku Yaki Markers, a pun on doodling (rakugaki) and to bake (yaki), they are odourless and food safe and easy to use! You can brighten up a plain and boring white plate and turn it into a work of art.

The markers come in a pack of 8 colours, which is available on Amazon Japan. There are also pastel markers! Muji Japan also sells them!

You can even get them in individual packs at Daiso.

Daiso raku yaki markers | Source
Daiso raku yaki markers | Source

These markers are really easy to use! After drawing your design, you can use the microwave oven to set and bake your plates. The recommended temperature is approximately 200℃ to 230 ℃, for 20 to 30 minutes. After letting the tableware cool for an hour, they are ready to use!

These designs make me want to eat! | Source
These designs make me want to eat! | Source

Glass, ceramic and metal are the recommended materials to doodle on, but you can basically use them on any surface if you can heat it at high temperatures.

The markers are also safe to use so even children can design their own plates and bowls! You can turn this into a fun family activity, or create innovative and personalised gifts.

I really want to get some markers to draw now!



Source: Naver




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