Anisong fans, cosplayers and followers of Japanese pop culture, get ready for the countdown party of the year!

AniSONIC Countdown x J-Festival 2017-2018 is Singapore’s very first countdown event specially designed for lovers of Japanese culture and pop culture. The inaugural party presented by Magika features a matsuri (祭り, festival) with plenty of scrumptious (and Instagram-worthy) Japanese street food and festivities alongside a live DJ party helmed by DJ Caesar.



Well-known in the pop culture scene in Tokyo, DJ Caesar has earned himself a huge following for cleverly mixing anime songs at trendy clubs. His innovative style has contributed to the revival of the stagnant club scene in his home country. He now performs regularly at Anisong Clubs (アニクラ, anikura) in Japan and other huge events featuring unique artists, making headlines on major media outlets.



Besides DJ Caesar, attendees can look forward to a star-studded line-up who are flying in from Japan especially for the event, including:



Matsushita (松下) – After her debut in 2013, the young but talented anisong artist has gained widespread fame and recognition from enthusiastic fans who can’t get enough of her husky voice. Mainly performing anime and game song, she has recorded several hit covers such as “Invisible” and “Onegai Darling” which have over 533k and 1 million views respectively on YouTube. Her strong vocals are sure to resonate with the audience this year-end!




Kuroneko – With more than 98k followers on Instagram, there is no doubt that this fan favourite is one of the hottest cosplayers in Japan! Kuroneko made her major debut as part of the idol group “Panache” in October 2012 through Sony Music, which speaks volumes about her talents and potential. After the group disbanded, she has remained active with a slew of solo activities as an emcee, deejay and event producer, both in Japan and overseas. Be sure to snap a wefie with her at AniSONIC!





__ (アンダーバー), or Underbar – Blessed with vocals that his fans have dubbed amazing, Underbar got his name from the first video he posted on Niconico Douga under the name “__” (meaning anonymous), which appeared as two underbars. The popular artist frequently uploads VOCALOID song with different arrangements and has made appearances at many event and concerts. He is also often seen with his trademark mask in parody videos, replacing the faces of those shown in the original PV.




Other acts that will be there include CLEANERO, the popular utaite duet who are known for their cool persona and great vocals, as well as Singapore’s very own DJ Dano.

Happening this New Year’s Eve at D’Marquee @ Downtown East from 5pm to 1am, AniSONIC is slated to be Singapore’s largest Japanese pop culture themed countdown party~~

Act fast and get your tickets now from SISTIC!*

*Cosplayers in recognisable characters enjoy $5 off.
(Majika Ptd Ltd reserves the right to reject entry at the door)




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