The sanma (pacific saury)is Japan’s most iconic autumn fish. Available only during the red leaf season, sanma is a small fish with big flavour. The fish takes its name from the shape of its body which is like a sword. Written in kanji, sanma (秋刀魚) means ‘Autumn Sword Fish’. The fish is a Japanese favourite as it is often served as a homecooked dish and is filled with nutrients like Vitamins A, calcium, Vitamin D and high in DHA.

At Hokkaido Sakaba, they only serve sanma fished from Akkeshi town.  The fish’s sweet, fatty meat can be enjoyed in a variety of ways – including sushi, sashimi and tempura. But the best way to indulge in the fish’s full flavour is the have it grilled over a charcoal fire. It is available until the end of October. So be sure to hurry down before they get all fished out.

Another must-try dish is their signature Roast Beef Don ($19). This meat laden rice bowl has thick, juicy cuts of wagyu layered over warm, fluffy rice, topped with a creamy onsen egg and drizzled in their original wafu gravy sauce that brings out the umami richness of the beef.


Tanjong Pagar
95 Tanjong Pagar Road

Mon-Sat 11.30am – 2.30pm(L.O. 2pm)6pm-12am (L.O. 11pm)
Sun & Holidays 11.30am – 2.30pm(L.O. 2pm)6pm-10.30pm (L.O. 9.30pm)

Wisma Atria
Wisma Atria #04-51, 435 Orchard Road

Mon-Fri 11.30am – 3pm(L.O. 2.30pm)5.30pm-10.30pm (L.O. 9pm)
Sat, Sun & Holidays 11am – 3pm(L.O. 2.30pm)5pm-10.30pm (L.O. 9pm)




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