With soooooo many ramen stores in Singapore, it can be hard to figure out which one is worth going to. Here’s our pick for this year’s top ramen stores in town!

Baikohken Japanese Ramen Restaurant


Famous for their niboshi (dried sardine) ramen, the broth is made with hanakatsuo (bonito,) flakes that are specially imported from Japan; simmered with pork stock, soy sauce and other ingredient, and served with chashu, Naruto maki, menma (bamboo shoots), yakinori (grilled seaweed) with bonito powder, ajitama (flavoured egg) and mountains of bean sprouts and spring onions.

B2 Takashimaya Food Hall #B2-01-04 | 6235-3483
Katong Square #01-13 | 6344-0968
ONE KM #01-67/68 | 6702-2694

Brothers Ramen


Run by two Singaporean brothers, this cosy joint offers a creamy yet light broth made with pork, chicken, fish and vegetables that is best enjoyed with their chashu or braised pork. Served with their springy homemade noodles, the ramen is ideal for ladies or those who want to have a light but full meal.  Enjoy FREE 1 X noodle top up and free flow vegetables with every ramen order. 

International Plaza #01-20 | 9437-7267

Burosu Honten Ramen & Gyoza


Tucked away in Emporium Shokuhin, is the first restaurant in Singapore to serve your piping hot ramen straight from the kitchen to your individual booths via a sliding screen. This ramen joint offers seafood-based broths such as the Burosu Ehime Super Blend Ramen; which is a unique creation of Ehime Sanma, Iwashi, Katsuoboshi, prawns and pork bones simmered for over 12 hours.

Marina Square #01-18 | 6812 2178

Hakata Ikkousha


This award-winner several times over has stores in Australia, China and Singapore and is a proud representative of the authentic Hakata-style ramen. The Ajitama Tonkotsu ramen is a faithful recreation of the classic regional recipe with its frothy, high collagen, savoury and smooth pork-based broth and thin firm noodles which are made fresh in-store every morning.

Tanjong Pagar Plaza Block 7  #01-104B | 6538-1880
CHIJMES #F1-07 | 6338-8460



If you’re tired of regular ramen, why not try dry ramen instead? Kajiken’s Mazesoba is made of thick, springy noodles (their own original recipe) and thick umami-rich sauce which is made with spicy minced pork. And despite its original oil base, the sauce does not have a greasy feeling at all, instead coating the noodles in a slick, smooth texture ideal for slurping. Say “WAttention” and get a FREE flavoured egg.

Orchid Hotel #01-07

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King


Harkening back to Keisuke’s French culinary roots this lobster bisque-inspired broth gets its flavour from specially imported French rock lobsters, a special blend of herbs, vegetables, a variety of miso and Sichuan Sancho spices to give their distinct, individual taste. Each bowl is served with tender pork belly, chicken char siew and black pepper prawn wontons topped with crunchy menma (bamboo shoots).

The Cannery #01-07 | 6255-2928



Available in three levels of spiciness, this Spicy Miso Ramen is something chili-lovers will enjoy. It has a creamy, white tonkotsu soup base that is slow cooked for a mild, robust flavour that is fired up with 30 different spices from around the world including Habanero Peppers, Bhut Jolokia and Costa Rica’s “Sudden Death Sauce”. Say “WAttention” and get 1 FREE topping.

Capitol Piazza #B2-51 | 6384-6211



This collagen-rich tonkostu broth is served with homemade, original recipe noodles that are incredibly springy and have a wheat-like aroma. It is topped with tender chashu made from quality pork belly which is oven roasted before it is boiled with their in-house speciality sauce for that distinct flavour.

Nex #B1-79 | 6634 4638
Jurong Point #B1-53 | 6794 5125

Menya Ryu @ Ramen Champion


This umami-rich ramen has a flavoursome broth that is simmered for over 10 hours with three kinds of homemade miso – black, red and white, and 10 different spices; thick, springy and curly noodles and is topped with voluminous amounts of vegetables, runny onsen eggs and mouthwatering slices of chashu.

Ramen Champion GWC, Great World City #01-22 | 6235 1295

Menya Sanji


This store has been serving the same ramen since the 1970s. Their soup is made from simmering a mix of Kyushu soy sauce, vegetables and pork for over 10 hours for a mild, slightly sweet yet hearty taste. The noodles, made from glutinous flour, are perfectly firm, bouncy and chewy. Enjoy FREE 3 X noodle refill. 

Orchid Hotel #01-14 | 8264-0746



Serving the same delicious ramen for the past 50 years; the clear, umami-rich soup is made by boiling vegetables, chicken, pork and two kinds of sardines for 7 hours. They only springy noodles that are made in-house every day and top it with tender aburi chashu, seaweed and bamboo shoots.

Shaw House #B1-04/05 | 6836-4644



Santouka puts a twist on their famous Shio Ramen by adding some seafood essence to their trademark white broth and topping it with a variety of fresh seafood. Rich in oceanic goodness, the mild flavour of the tonkotsu soup base is given a umami-rich boost that is not to be missed. They are also offering small-portion shime ramen from 9pm-11pm daily*, if you are still feeling peckish after your drinks.

Cuppage Terrace | 6235-1059
The Central #02-76 | 6224-0668

Shin-Sapporo Ramen


Their signature Kuro Tonkotsu Ramen is served with fragrant black garlic oil, yakibuta (grilled pork),  leek, bamboo shoots, an assortment of vegetables, their famous flavoured egg, and homemade classic Hakata noodles which are thin, firm and straight. Other options include authentic Hiyashi-chuka soba, Abura soba and other seasonal offerings.

Alexandra Retail Centre #02-23 | 6276-5708
Century Square #B1-10/11 | 6783-6304
Orchard Gateway #B2-04A/05 | 6702-4906
UE Bizhub East | 6702-0130

Ramen Gallery Takumen


If you love being spoilt for choice, this is the place to be with some of Tokyo’s finest tucked away here in Boat Quay. Be sure to try the Bigiya, a citron-scented shoyu ramen that was recently awarded Tokyo Michelin’s Bib Gourmand award for its whole wheat noodles and hearty fish and chicken-based broth.

66 Circular Road #01-01 | 6536-4875



Unlike other ramen which uses chashu, here they top their ramen with shabu shabu-style Kurobuta. The finely sliced pork absorbs the full-flavour of the pork bone soup that is made by pressure cooking the pork knuckle which gives the soup its intense flavour without any oiliness. Flash this write up (print or digital) and get a
FREE packet of Hokkaido Kikkusui Ramen with every order of Deluxe Black Pig Shabu Ramen. Promo valid 19 Oct – 30 Nov ’16. While stocks last. 

Tonkotsu Ikkyu @ Ramen Champion


Created by the founder of Ramen Champion, ramen chef Koji Tashiro, this tonkotsu ramen uses thin, chewy noodles served in a hearty and creamy pork broth that is topped with a generous heaping of chashu. It is available in four variations – the original White, spicy Red, spinach Green and black garlic oil Black.

Bugis+ #04 – 10 | 6238 1011



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