Ravishing Ramen Offerings – Ikkousha’s New Premium Menu Preview!


I love ramen.

No really, I love ramen.

If I could bathe in it, I totally would – but that’d be a waste of ramen, so I’m more likely to finish up a tub’s worth of ramen than actually dive into it.

But I digress; ramen-fans in Singapore have had lots to be happy about. In the past decade or so, dozens of quality ramen joints have popped up all over the island giving us plenty of excellent choices.


One of the earliest forerunners of this “Ramen Renaissance” in my opinion, was Hakata Ikkousha.


Making their debut here in a huge way, Ikkousha hit the scene in a big way by being the Ramen Champion Winners for 2 years in a row before opening their own independent outlets (CHIJmes and Tanjong Pagar).

IMG_7296 IMG_7295 The new ramen available at Ikkousha (CHIJmes)!

Now, they’re starting a brand new Limited Premium Menu, of which we’ll be sampling the CHIJmes variant!

image IMG_4162

The Tanjong Pagar outlet’s new menu

All these new ramen dishes are exclusive to their respective outlets and are served only in limited quantities. So if you’re keen on trying them, you’d best hurry down!

Premium Tsukemen Hanadori

Served during: After 3pm on weekdays, all day weekends

Limited to 30 bowls daily


What it is: Tsukemen is a popular variation on the classic ramen, offering thick noodles that are meant to be dipped into a thick broth before eating.


The Tsukemen Hanadori offers Singaporean diners not just a rare chance to eat this great dish, but also gives it a more familiar spin by serving it with a chicken & bonito based broth.

The broth’s thickness was just perfect and the flavour was well balanced, making this dish really satisfying but not excessively filling. A definite try if you’re after a new eating experience!

Soy Sauce Ramen

Served during: All day

Limited to 30 bowls daily


What it is: This might appear to be another standard shoyu ramen at first glance, but one taste and its uniqueness reveals itself!

Using a combination of pork and chicken, this ramen has a very light soup that still packs a lot of flavour.


Akin to a combination of Bak Chor Mee and Beef Kuey Teow, I found this ramen to be extremely refreshing, as I didn’t feel bloated after polishing off a bowl, while still getting a good ‘kick’! Definitely one of my favourites of the bunch, it’s a perfect choice if you intend to have other side dishes.

Bonito Ramen

Served during: All day

Limited to 30 bowls daily


What it is: A ramen using a combination chicken, bonito and pork.

Out of the 4 CHIJmes-exclusive offerings, the Bonito Ramen is definitely the most ‘familiar’ tasting of the lot.


The twist for ramen veterans is a ramen that has the texture and consistency of a tonkotsu ramen, but filled with a unique bonito-flavoured punch!

Tender chashu, menma and firm noodles round off this well-balanced serving.


Served during: All day

Limited to 15 bowls daily


What it is: Combining ramen with elements from chanpuru, a stir-fry vegetable dish, this is definitely the choice for more health-conscious eaters.

Chock full of ingredients, the Chanpon Ramen is filled with pork, fish paste, onions, cabbage, peas, black fungus…and more! (Whew!)


With so many vegetables in there, the broth has a very natural and enriching taste to it that complements the noodles perfectly.

These exclusive ramen are available from this Sunday (25th Jan) onwards, so get down to trying them soon!

Don’t forget to check out the Tanjong Pagar branch’s offerings too (happening after Chinese New Year)!

Want more information? Head on down to Ikkousha’s Facebook Page!

WRITTEN BY: Koh Yong Qiang

Update (3/5/2015):  Ikkousha @ Tanjong Pagar will be serving the special menu in Mid-March 2015, and will feature the Soy Sauce Ramen & Bonito Ramen only.


WRITTEN BY: Koh Yong Qiang




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