Assassination Classroom (暗殺教室, Ansatsu Kyōshitsu), a manga turned anime which also made it to the big screens last year, tells the story of an extremely powerful octopus-like creature who becomes a teacher (Koro-sensei), and his students who have been tasked to kill him before the school year is over in order to save the world.

And starting today until 12 June’16, an Escape Game based on Assassination Classroom will be coming to a space near you! The collaboration between SCRAP from Japan and Real Escape Game (REG) brings the wildly popular series to life in the form of a themed escape game where participants take on the roles of students of Class 3E. In this universe, the students have to figure how to survive a planned attack by assassins sent to kill Koro-sensei, who has inconveniently left for a coffee break in Brazil.


To survive, participants are given 60 minutes to gather clues and hints left behind by Koro-sensei in order to solve a series of puzzles to unlock a “Defense against Assassination” guide. They are also aided by Ritsu, also known as Autonomously Thinking Fixed Artillery, an AI character who can create items based on blueprints and hack into the school system.

At first glance, the setting of the classroom seemed bare, but as the WAttention team soon found out at the media trial of the game, everything that had been provided was of utmost importance and essential to the survival of all 6 members of the team.

Each member was also given a locked cardholder attached to a lanyard which would later open once the solutions to the puzzles were slowly unveiled; once open, each student’s unique assassination talent would then blossom in a way that would help the team survive.

The series of puzzles started off relatively straightforward, testing participants on logic, understanding, Mathematics, knowledge of Geography, and English. After the first set of puzzles were through, we were put to the real test as the questions and necessary actions to take became increasingly challenging. There were moments when our entire team of 6 were scratching our heads and throwing out every plausible suggestion we could think off before we were able to move ahead in our quest.

After unlocking every member’s talent card, we were down to the final 20 minutes of the game before the traps set by the assassins were scheduled to go off. As the seconds ticked by, all teams had to figure out a way to manipulate the set traps against the assassins without falling victim to them, and stay alive until Koro-sensei could make his way back to the school to save them.

Needless to say, we won’t be revealing how you can survive this exciting escape game, but what we can say is this: Pay attention to the smallest details, remember to think laterally, and most importantly, work as a team!

Escape the Assassination Classroom is held in conjunction with FUNAN ANIME MATSURI 2016 @ Funan DigitaLife Mall, #04-19. Tickets for Day 1 sold out very quickly, so book your session on Peatix today to avoid disappointment!




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