If you’re a fan of Rilakkuma just like me, you’ll know that San-X, the parent company that produces all Rilakkuma official merchandise, only has a limited number of retail points in Singapore. But fear not, now you can shop in the comfort of your own home for Rilakkuma products, including limited edition items which are normally only found in Japan!

Your friendly, one-stop web store for all things Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma Shop is a Singapore-based blog shop founded in April 2010 by 2 fanatic Rilakkuma lovers. While the site is not affiliated with San-X, all products are imported directly from Japan and are original and authentic.

I stumbled upon Rilakkuma Shop by chance on Facebook 3 years ago and bought my first (of many) Rilakkuma plushies from them.

I now have 12 Rilakkuma plushies amongst other goods, but that’s a story for another day. Rilakkuma Store also sells other San-X products including Sumikko Gurashi and Sentimental Circus, but the star of their store is undoubtedly Rilakkuma. From lifestyle items such as luggage tags, stationery and umbrellas, to household necessities like bowls and chopping boards, Rilakkuma Shop has something for every avid fan of San-X.

Aside from the all-too-cute products that they sell, Rilakkuma Shop’s website is easy to use and navigate. Shopping for your favourite San-X character is a piece of cake; simply select the character from the drop-down column and you’ll be presented with all the items for that particular character!

Rilakkuma Shop also has a special corner set aside for limited edition items, as well as a page dedicated to the ongoing pre-orders for upcoming products to be released by San-X. This is especially useful for customers who are unfamiliar with or are daunted by San-X’s web store, which is entirely in Japanese and has a decidedly more complicated layout compared to Rilakkuma Shop.

After adding all your items to your cart, it’s a simple matter of checking out before you are one step closer to getting your hands on your spanking new Rilakkuma goodies.

Rilakkuma shop cart

As of now, you can choose from 3 delivery options, including Registered Mail and Speedpost, so you can track where your items are while they’re on the way to you. In one of my recent purchases made this year, I chose to pick up my LL sized Rilakkuma plushie from one of the MRT points. I was 10 minutes late because of traffic, but the contact person from Rilakkuma Shop was very patient and even texted me not to rush. Upon meeting up, she was all smiles as she brought my huge plushie out of the paper bag so I could check the condition of the plushie as well as the tags before handing him over to me. The plushie came wrapped up in a protective clear plastic bag, and of course, the original San-X tags.

L-sized Rilakkuma sitting on a LL-sized Rilakkuma, all from Rilakkuma Shop [Photo by lamchop90]
If you decide to opt for the delivery options, you can proceed to fill in your billing and delivery address, during which you can choose to create an account for future use. Rilakkuma Shop provides convenient payment methods such as Paypal and Bank Transfer (within Singapore) as well, making the entire purchasing process smooth, enjoyable and convenient.

Like many true blue Rilakkuma fans, I worry about buying unauthentic San-X products from online stores, but ever since I found Rilakkuma Shop, I can shop worry-free and with ease.

As we leave 2015 behind and get ready to usher in the year of the Monkey, remember to check out the upcoming limited edition Monkey Zodiac series plushies while you’re visiting Rilakkuma Shop. Time to loosen those purse strings, my fellow Rilakkuma-nians!


PS: Rilakkuma Shop is also featured in WAttention Singapore’s special 5th Anniversary Issue!!


You can grab a copy from Meidi-ya, Isetan, Starbucks and many other Japanese restaurants, or read us online HERE 🙂




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