Roller coasters and excitement galore – Your Guide to Theme Parks in Japan!


Are you that one friend who always drags others around to take thrilling rides in a theme park and ends up laughing and screaming in excitement while your poor friends get nauseous or dizzy from fear? Do you turn a deaf ear even when your friends start pleading to spare them from the haunted house, dragging them with you while you laugh your way out?

You, my friend, are perfect for these awesome, lesser-known theme parks in Japan.

Are you ready to have the time of your life?



FUJI-Q HIGHLAND is an amusement park located in Yamanashi Prefecture and located near Mt. Fuji so you will be treated to a spectacular view of the majestic mountain at the park! It can also be easily accessed from Tokyo by buses and trains. It is a great alternative to Disneyland if you are keen on more thrilling rides and a break from the busy bustling cities.

FUJI-Q Highland has a total of 4 roller coasters which are all enlisted in the Guinness World of Records!

They are:

#1 Takabisha


This roller coaster holds the record for the “the steepest drop in the world” at 121 degrees! As shown in the picture, you will be brought up a vertical slope first and suspended at the tilted top for a while, before dropping you down the 121 degree slope without any warning. 100% thrills guaranteed.

#2 Eejanaika

03Photo: Radin

Ever taken a roller coaster while spinning in your seat? Eejanaika holds the record of “the highest total number of spins in the world”! Enjoy the ride as you spin on your seat and through the courses at the same time. Just sit back and hold your puke!

#3 Dodonpa

04Photo: Tsunagu Japan

A previous record holder for the fastest roller coaster in the world. Take it and you‘re guaranteed to feel numb all over your body after the ride. My own experience on this was extremely exhilarating to say the least, with the feeling of the wind punching (not in a painful way) my face at every second. Definitely not to be missed!

#4 Fujiyama

05Photo: Paroramio

It is known as the “KING OF COASTERS”, which has crazy speed, crazy drops, crazy height and CRAZY FUN. Your roller coaster experiences are incomplete without taking this.

Besides the thrilling roller coasters in the theme park, another feature not to be missed is the Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear, one of the largest haunted house in the world!


Just for an entrance fee of 500yen, be prepared to navigate through 900m of terror in an abandoned hospital for an unimaginable 60 minutes long. Are you up for the challenge? (I chickened out)

It is definitely not for the faint hearted.

For curious peeps, you may watch the video HERE

For those interested in going to FUJI-Q HIGHLAND, there are a few things to take note:

  • The park will be closed on these dates for 2015: 5/126/167/1410/2011/1712/8
  • It is best to avoid peak seasons such as holiday periods in Japan to avoid the crowd and long queuing hours, as well as rainy seasons, especially in June. I visited the park during winter on Christmas, 25th Dec so the park was relatively empty. The only human beings there were a few couples and tourists, and it can be VERY COLD (esp. when you take Dodonpa *ugh*).
  • You can access the park via highway buses, trains or by car. For more information, visit their official website
  • Free passes are not valid for “Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear,” special events, the Bowling Center, or any coin-operated attractions.

There is definitely more to the theme park, such as the Fujiyama hot springs and hotels which are near and easily accessible from the theme park, nor forgetting the spectacular view of Mt. Fuji as well!

Other theme parks in/near Tokyo:

Yomiuri Land (読売ランド)

A theme park featuring the adorable character, Land Dog, it is known for its quirky rides and scenic setting. It is recommended to go for their illuminations during Christmas and New Year’s and the park is not so crowded as well.

07Photo: Timeout Tokyo

There are also a variety of decent rides such as the roller coaster, Bandit!


Yomiuri Land also has a water park, which includes five pools and three waterslides that is great for summer!

09Photo: Travel CNN

For more details, visit their official website

LaQua (ラクーア)

A combination of spa facilities and attractions, LaQua is located in Tokyo Dome. There are a variety of spas for you to relax as well as exciting attractions such as the Thunder Dolphin and Wonder Drop!

10Photo: PR Times

You can access LaQua by Tokyo Metro by stopping at Korakuen Station (後楽園駅) by:

  1. Marunouchi Line (丸ノ内線)
  2. Nanboku Line (南北線)

Or Toei Subway by stopping at Kasuga station (春日駅) by:

  1. Oedo Line (大江戸線)

Or Suidoubashi station (水道橋駅) by:

  1. Mita Line (三田線)
  2. JR Central Line (JR 中央線)

Remember not to miss these great places out on your itinerary for your next trip to Japan!





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