SAKEMARU – Singapore’s First Sake Subscription Service


SAKEMARU is a sake subscription service that delivers bottles of fresh seasonal sake from different breweries in Japan straight to you. The service only offers unfiltered and unpasteurised “nama” type of sake which is characterised by its natural, powerful taste.

What inspired SAKEMARU?

When CEO Taichi Abe experienced unpasteurised and unfiltered sake nouveau for the first time at a brewery he was surprised by the fresh, aromatic flavour of the sake. It was different from the sake that he usually drank which was normally easily available. He wanted to share this taste and experience with sake fans around the world but quickly realised that it the sake was difficult for them to obtain due to its limited quantity and must-remain-chilled nature.

Hence SAKEMARU was born.

Constantly on the search for the best “nama” sake available, SAKEMARU has two sake sommeliers that travel Japan looking for little known, small yet dedicated breweries that produce high quality sake just for their subscribers. To further enhance the experience they have created website that shares the story, nature and culture of the breweries.

How does it work?

Depending on your subscription plan, you will receive one or two bottles of fresh chilled sake delivered right to your doorstep.


Monthly delivery
Delivery of special sake at the end of every month; you can specify the delivery date and time.

SAKEA31_ICON_Special_Seasonal_SakeSpecial seasonal sake
Exports only fresh seasonal namazake (生酒, fresh sake) and uses refrigerated transportation to keep the freshness.

SAKEA31_ICON_Fine_BreweriesFine breweries
Only the finest breweries in Japan are selected to maintain commitment to quality and taste.

SAKEA31_ICON_Trial_PromoTrial Promotion
Enjoy 50% your first order at Sakemaru. Get your first bottle of sake for just $25 (U.P.$50).


Getting Started

To begin your Sakemaru journey, simply sign up for an account here and select a subscription plan. To receive the sake of the month, orders must be placed by the 15th of the same month (i.e. to receive the April sake, order by 15 April).




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