Singapore JewelFest 2015 Highlights

This October, be prepared to be dazzled by the brilliant, exquisite pieces of jewellery at the Singapore JewelFest 2015. Showing off their creations in Singapore are eight distinguished Japanese jewellery designers and craftsmen. Have a quick peek at who they are before the show opens next week!



Casmine believes that jewellery is meant to complement and enhance a woman’s beauty. Using their own creative technique of handcrafting and influenced by Japanese elegance, Casmine uses anywhere between 80 to 400 handcrafted golden links with Japanese Akoya, South Sea and freshwater pearls to create their high quality, exquisite designs.



Established in Tokyo, Japan in the 1970s, Fujimori specializes using traditional hammering methods to create original contemporary jewllery. Using sparkling rare semi-precious gem stones like tourmaline, beryl, garnet and quartz, each piece is carefully handcrafted and thoughtfully designed.



Famous for its vast Ox-Blood Coral jewellery collection, Kawamura appeals to lovers of precious coral designs. Their dramatic signature pieces are designed by Japan’s most acclaimed designers and craftsman and they only use corals from Kochi, the world’s “coral mecca”.



With a firm belief that the true beauty and appeal of jewels lies in the natural transformation of minerals into stunning gems, Kodama is passionate and dedicated to breathing life into their creations through it’s distinctive craftsmanship and engineering innovation.



Highly dedicated to the craft of fine jewellery, Kajita’s collections are well known for it’s clear, sparkling, well-coloured gemstones and fine craftsmanship. Their pieces are handcrafted and pass through several craftsmen with a stringent inspection process for perfection.



Unravel a sense of joy and happiness with Jurio’s unique and sophisticated creations. Handling each piece from conceptualisation to crafting, every piece is one of a kind. His signature “Face” ring, sealed its position as a work for art when it was curated for the IIIème Triennale Du Bijou exhibition at Muse Des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.



The beauty and grace of Mitushiro’s pieces are much sort after around the world. Using his experience, skills and creativity, founder and lead designer Mitsuhiro Matsuda creates refined jewellery that expresses the essence of Japanese culture using materials such as pearls, diamonds and corals.



Committed to presenting the beauty of gemstones since 1908, Suwa’s ravishing creations are the result of careful gem sourcing and selection, coupled with quality jewellery production expertise. Their philosophy is to create “fine jewelry (sic) that will please generations to come”.

Singapore JewelFest 2015 will be held at the Jewel Pavilon, Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, 9-18 October, 12-8pm. For more information click here.

Information and photos sourced from and belongs to Singapore JewelFest 2015 website.




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