It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and Shiny Starry Bar is here to make it even better!


In our previous post, we introduced the lovely Star Aquarium event that currently on its third run at MAXELL AQUA PARK Shinagawa. Highly raved by visitors in the past two years, Star Aquarium returned this year, more gorgeous and brighter than before. Beside upping the level and intensity of its projection mapping around the venue, an exciting lineup of shows and exhibitions await you at this world-class entertainment centre.


And if you need a place to sit and relax after exploring the 11 zones within the aquarium, MAXELL AQUA PARK’s Shiny Starry Bar is the perfect choice. Surrounded by aquariums filled with a multitude of LED lights, luminescent corals and projection mapping reaching the ceiling, the cafe/bar is great for unwinding as you can sip on an ice-cold drink while watching the vibrant marine creatures swim leisurely around you.


This year, visitors can indulge in four new seasonal drinks that have been custom made to resemble the starry sky:

1. Flavoured Kirin’s Ichiban Frozen Draft (700 yen) – The Starlight Beer frozen beer cocktail is made with ginger ale and coloured syrup for a truly festive gulp.


  1. Cocktail Brilliant Night (700 Yen) – This beautiful cocktail has an incredibly Instagrammable gradation made by mixing gin, ginger ale, butterfly peas extract, topped with red cherries and Nata de Coco to achieve its cheery Christmas colours.

3. Season Squash Shooting Star (500 yen) – The non-alcoholic cocktail is a blend of the mild and tasty Calpis soda and coloured syrup, made to look like the brilliant night sky and added with frozen golden pineapples that represent shooting stars.


  1. Special Select ~Starry Sky~ (1200 yen) – This year’s signature cocktail concocted with delicately cut star-shaped Nata de Coco and blue jelly floating in Mio Gold sparkling sake and decorated with gold leaves.


What’s more, your intricately designed beverages will be served on a countertop that lights up and transforms into the night sky using projection mapping too! Aside from their limited-time only drinks, you can be assured that the cafe/bar also dishes out scrumptious sides and plenty of non-alcoholic drinks.


So, what are you waiting for? Giddy up your horses and jin-jin-jingle your way to the Shiny Starry Bar today!





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