Wish you can bring home melt-in-the-mouth wagyu steak, just like the one you tried at that smokey yakiniku (焼き肉) joint in Japan?

Or wanted to recreate the magical love-at-first-bite moment when you sank your teeth into well-marbled wagyu in your own kitchen?

Now you can.


The next time you are departing Narita or Haneda Airport, stop by BLUE SKY. This one-stop souvenir centre has everything you need from Japan and more.

Aside from local bento sets and specialty products brought in from all 47 prefectures, they are now selling wagyu too! Kuroge wagyu (黒毛和牛, Japanese Black) sirloin steak retails at 5,000 yen (200g), and Matsusaka Beef (松阪牛) sirloin steaks at 10,000 yen (200g).

Japanese Black makes up more than 95% of wagyu in Japan. It is known for the fine strips of tasty fat embedded in its lean meat, with a rich, sweet aroma when chewed.

Matsusaka Beef belongs to the kuroge family. This prized meat only comes from heifer cattle, which are cows that have not borne any calves. One of the three most recognised beef brands in Japan (三大和牛, sandai wagyu), true meat connoisseurs will know that it is valued higher than Kobe beef.

Just look at the gorgeous marbling on these Matsusaka Beef slices!

All wagyu from BLUE SKY come with the Japanese food safety accreditation labels. This means travellers bound for Singapore can bypass animal quarantine checks, which were compulsory in the past.

By purchasing from local supermarkets or department stores, there is a high chance that the beef has to go into your check-in luggage together with heavy ice packs. This is because the ice packs usually exceed the 100 ml liquid limit.

On the other hand, purchasing at the airport is hassle-free and convenient. BLUE SKY provides high quality vacuum-sealed wagyu steaks which comes specially packaged with ice packs. As it comes pre-labeled, you can even safely hand carry it all the way to Singapore.

And now, you stand a chance to bring home 10,000 yen worth of Matsusaka Beef courtesy of BLUE SKY!

Simply email your name, email, mobile number and proof of travel to sg.contest@wattention.com by 28 Feb’17.

Some of you might just be walking away with these beautiful slabs of Matsusaka Beef in no time!
We’ll be waiting~ メールをおまちしております~

*Terms & Conditions apply.
*Travel period has to be between 1 – 31 Mar’17.
*Winners have to collect their prize on location at either Narita Airport or Haneda Airport between 1 – 31 Mar’17.
*Organisers reserve the right to update contest without prior notice.

Wagyu purchase is available at the following BLUE SKY outlets:

BLUE SKY @ Narita Airport Terminal 2 Gate 92 (7.30 am – 8.30 pm)

*List of flights/codeshare flights departing from Narita Airport T2:

– TZ291
– TZ201
– JL711 (AA8482, QF4024)

BLUE SKY Premium @ Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal 3rd Floor (6 am – 11 pm)

*List of flights/codeshare flights departing from Haneda Airport:
– JL0035 (AA8438, QF4026)
– NH0843 (AC6228, SQ5905, UA7991)
– SQ0631 (NH6259)
– NH0841 (SQ5907)
– JL0037 (QF4018, BA4607)
– SQ0633 (NH6257)
– SQ0635 (NH6251)

*Wagyu purchase is unavailable at Narita Airport Terminal 1.




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