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Treat yourself to tasty Kanpachi (勘八)

Kick off your new year with fresh seafood! So a good half of January has already flown by, and what better way to celebrate surviving...

Japanese Fish Seminar: Autumn Edition

Tuck into amazing autumn catch!!! In Japan, autumn is known to be the best season for savouring a variety of foods. There even is a...

Japanese Fish Seminar: Tantalising Tuna

Tuck into thick slices of tempting tuna! If you've ever tried fresh maguro, you would know that the fish boasts a wonderfully unique texture. And,...

Japanese Fish Seminar: Miyagi Salmon

indulge in the exquisite taste of miyagi salmon Located on the Pacific coast in the southern Tohoku Region, Miyagi Prefecture (宮城県) is home to Matsushima,...

Japanese Fish Seminar: Osaka Edition

Get ready to savour oishii fish from Osaka, also known as the "nation's kitchen"! A huge variety of seafood is available in Japan's second largest city...

Japanese Fish Seminar: Suma Edition

Kick off your new year with some yummy suma in the next edition of Kanda Wadatsumi and JF Zengyoren's popular Japanese Fish Seminar! Suma (スマ), or...

TŌMIN Fish Flavour Challenge

We all know that there's no way frozen fish can taste as good as fresh fish. But Japanese refrigeration company Technican Co. Ltd is...

Japanese Fish Seminar: Yamagata Edition

Ready to dive into another fishy adventure? This time, our tummies are headed to yummy Yamagata Prefecture! Akaebi (紅エビ) Resembling a lady's lip with lipstick, this small red...

Fishing for fabulous foods at the Zengyoren’s Fish Seminar Vol. 2

A while back, we talked about the October session of the Zengyoren Fish Seminar held at Kanda Wadatsumi restaurant. This time, the seminar featured delicious seasonal...