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East Tokyo: Journey along the Sumida River

Located in the heart of East Tokyo, the Sumida River leads to Tokyo Bay, flowing through several of the metropolis’ iconic spots including Asakusa,...

WAttention Review: Machida Shoten Singapore

As most of us know by now, Singaporeans love Ramen and here at WAttention, we especially adore this favourite Japanese dish! We head to Machida...

What’s in Hokkaido? Outdoor activities you can do in Spring

Spring in Hokkaido is unusually short compared to the rest of Japan, and tends to last only a short month before summer arrives. Nevertheless,...

Nagano: Japan’s Nature Wonderland (Kamikochi – Matsumoto) PART TWO

And here we go, PART TWO of Nagano: Japan's Nature Wonderland picks up where we left off after a brilliant night spent at Lemeiesta...

Nagano: Japan’s Nature Wonderland (Matsumoto – Norikura – Kamikochi) PART ONE

Calling all avid travellers of Japan! Are you tired of the same old city sights in Tokyo or Osaka? Been there and done that with...

Fallin’ for Hiroshima

Autumn is fast approaching Japan, so we can anticipate the season of koyo (紅葉, autumn foliage), autumn festivals and mouthwatering seasonal produce such as rice,...

Make your trip to Japan a joyous one!

Fans of Japan, if you answer YES to these three questions, you might like what you're about to read. Do you want to visit...

10 Omiyage to buy from Japan

When receiving Tokyo Bananas or Shiroi Koibito cookies from someone who has recently visited Japan, do you force a strained smile and think to yourself "Oh no,...

Hokkaido delights not to be missed

Mention Hokkaido, and everyone thinks of delicious seafood and fresh dairy products. But in this vast 84,000 km² land located north of Japan, there are...

Japan Travel & Beyond Vol. 5 – Perfect Seasonal Moments

Get to know the hidden gems of Japan! Jet off on one of JTB's specially arranged tour packages and go on a trip to create...