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Japan Travel & Beyond Vol. 3 – Perfect Seasonal Moments

Looking to discover a side of Japan that you didn't know? Join one of JTB's extensive tour packages, where you can create your very own...

Japan Travel & Beyond Vol. 4 – Perfect Seasonal Moments

Want to explore Japan at a leisurely pace without any worries? Try one of JTB's extensive tour packages and discover your very own perfect seasonal...

Can you name all these places in Japan?

Think you've been everywhere there is to go in Japan and you've seen all the sights there are to see? Have a go at our quiz, challenge...

WAttention SG’s guide to getting a makeover in Tokyo

Always wanted to get your hair cut and coloured in Japan? Or fantasized about having the cute nails every Japanese girl seems to sport? We present a...

What’s in Chugoku? Vol 2. Shimane Prefecture

The volume 2 of the Chugoku series is finally here! The Shimane Prefecture is known as the Land of Gods, mainly because of the...

What’s in Shikoku? Vol 4. Tokushima Prefecture

Across the Kii Channel (紀伊水道) is Shikoku's fourth prefecture, Tokushima (徳島県). Known for its tidal whirlpools, beautiful coasts and lively summer dance festival, the eastern hub...

10 reasons to do a farm stay in Japan

One of the unique holidays in Japan you can take is a farm stay. Not only it is affordable, it is also a great...

4 brands to check out at JRunway’s Roadshow @ Orchard Gateway

Japan has many kawaii (cute) or otona (mature) fashion, but their brands are still rather obscure in Singapore. You will be missing out on...

What’s in Chugoku? Vol. 1 Tottori Prefecture

Tottori Prefecture is one of the least populated prefectures in Japan. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and clear waters, it is a place that boasts...

SAKEMARU – Singapore’s First Sake Subscription Service

What is SAKEMARU? SAKEMARU is a sake subscription service that delivers bottles of fresh seasonal sake from different breweries in Japan straight to you. The service only offers...