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What to eat in Niigata

Upon hearing Niigata being mentioned, one might immediately associate it as the prefecture producing one of the world's most delicious rice in the world...

Discover Niigata through Idyllic Nature

Located in the centre of Japan's Honshu Island, Niigata is packed with natural, historical, and cultural wonders. Blessed with natural resources and a favourable climate,...

WAttention Review: Machida Shoten Singapore

As most of us know by now, Singaporeans love Ramen and here at WAttention, we especially adore this favourite Japanese dish! We head to Machida...

WA Food Diary: Okinawa Food Fest @ Triple Three (Mandarin Orchard)

If you've read our latest Okinawa feature, you must really want to fly over to enjoy the island paradise right now. Many of us associate Okinawa...

Japanese Fish Seminar: Miyagi Salmon

indulge in the exquisite taste of miyagi salmon Located on the Pacific coast in the southern Tohoku Region, Miyagi Prefecture (宮城県) is home to Matsushima,...

Fugu specialist GUENPIN opens in Singapore!

The latest addition to our Japanese food scene serves the famed fugu! Fans of the celebrated yet notorious pufferfish or fugu (河豚) will soon be able to indulge in...

Another 10 omiyage to buy from Japan

O mi ya ge, four syllables which make my heart sing. In our previous post, we shared the one true omiyage to buy from each...

Japanese Fish Seminar: Osaka Edition

Get ready to savour oishii fish from Osaka, also known as the "nation's kitchen"! A huge variety of seafood is available in Japan's second largest city...

Exploring another side of Hokkaido

Hokkaido has always conjured up the image of snowy landscapes, clear blue skies and a myriad of fresh seafood in my mind. Having travelled to...

The steaks have never been higher

Wish you can bring home melt-in-the-mouth wagyu steak, just like the one you tried at that smokey yakiniku (焼き肉) joint in Japan? Or wanted to recreate the magical love-at-first-bite...