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What to do in Niigata

Outdoor enthusiasts, get ready for an exhilarating time in the outskirts of Japan as you explore the different charms of Niigata through these fun...

Niigata’s Vibrant Festivals

Get inspired by the kaleidoscopic festivals of Niigata, where culture, art and tradition all gather in the same place. From modern forms of art...

Discover Niigata through Idyllic Nature

Located in the centre of Japan's Honshu Island, Niigata is packed with natural, historical, and cultural wonders. Blessed with natural resources and a favourable climate,...

Snow Country: Echigo Yuzawa in Niigata

Located to the northwest of Tokyo, Niigata Prefecture is easily accessible by Shinkansen and boasts many gems yet to be discovered. Join WAttention as...

Wander into the Wilderness: The Kumano Kudo (熊野古道)

I wanted novelty on my third trip to Japan. When I chanced upon the Kumano Kudo on my google search, I knew this...

What’s in Hokkaido? Outdoor activities you can do in Spring

Spring in Hokkaido is unusually short compared to the rest of Japan, and tends to last only a short month before summer arrives. Nevertheless,...

Fallin’ for Hiroshima

Autumn is fast approaching Japan, so we can anticipate the season of koyo (紅葉, autumn foliage), autumn festivals and mouthwatering seasonal produce such as rice,...

What’s in Shikoku? Vol 3. Kochi Prefecture

Facing the Pacific Oceans in the South Shikoku is Kochi Prefecture (高知県). Like its sister prefectures, Kochi boasts of an abundance of natural beauty...

Japan Travel & Beyond Vol. 5 – Perfect Seasonal Moments

Get to know the hidden gems of Japan! Jet off on one of JTB's specially arranged tour packages and go on a trip to create...

Japan Travel & Beyond Vol. 4 – Perfect Seasonal Moments

Want to explore Japan at a leisurely pace without any worries? Try one of JTB's extensive tour packages and discover your very own perfect seasonal...