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Niigata: Journey through trains and rustic landscapes

Nestled in the heart of Japan's main island, Niigata is brimming with natural, historical, and cultural wonders. Hop on a train and journey to the...

Niigata’s Vibrant Festivals

Get inspired by the kaleidoscopic festivals of Niigata, where culture, art and tradition all gather in the same place. From modern forms of art...

What to eat in Niigata

Upon hearing Niigata being mentioned, one might immediately associate it as the prefecture producing one of the world's most delicious rice in the world...

Discover Niigata through Idyllic Nature

Located in the centre of Japan's Honshu Island, Niigata is packed with natural, historical, and cultural wonders. Blessed with natural resources and a favourable climate,...

Snow Country: Echigo Yuzawa in Niigata

Located to the northwest of Tokyo, Niigata Prefecture is easily accessible by Shinkansen and boasts many gems yet to be discovered. Join WAttention as...

Nurturing Niigata

🍃 A treasure trove of heartwarming cuisine, exquisite accommodations and breathtaking terrains, Niigata Prefecture is bound to entice you with its finest foods, awesome...

Discover the warmth of Japan’s No.1 rice

🍚 For many Singaporeans and Japanese alike, the idea of a warm fluffy bowl of rice conjures up the image of a heartfelt meal with...

ThinkRice: Buy freshly milled Japanese rice online!

If you've ever been to Japan and had a hot steaming bowl of rice, you might have thought to yourself that it tastes somewhat...

Japan’s Wild Side!

Tourists flock to Japan year after year for its deeply-rooted traditions, exquisite cuisine, and vibrant popular cultures. However, nature lovers can also indulge in the...