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Kanpai Vol. 4: Yaoshin Breweries

This month’s brewery: YAOSHIN BREWERIES (八百新酒造) Relish in the subtle sweetness of this month’s SAKEMARU selection. This month’s special sake is named after the gangi (雁木, stepped pier)...

Kanpai Vol. 2 : Mikunibare Shuzo

This month’s brewery: Mikunibare Shuzo (皇国晴酒造株式会社) Mikunibare Shuzo is a homely sake brewery tucked away in the cosy town of Ikuji, Kurobe, located in-between Toyama Bay...

What is Kanpai?

  Kanpai is WAttention Singapore's monthly sake series created in partnership with SAKEMARU - Singapore's first sake subscription service. Every month we will introduce one new...