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Kanpai Vol. 3: Yameiendo Shuzo

This month’s brewery: Yameiendo Shuzo (山栄遠藤酒造) Found in the southern part of Yamagata, this brewery is surrounded by a plethora of rich natural resources which allows...

Kanpai Vol. 1.5: Tempoichi

This month's brewery: Tempoichi (天寶一酒造) Established in 1910 in Fukuyamashi, Hiroshima, Tempoichi is a small brewery that works together with local famers to produce high-quality sake...

Kanpai Vol. 1: Kikuzakari Shuzo

This month's brewery: Kikuzakari Shuzo (喜久盛酒造) Located in Iwate prefecture, Kikuzakari Shuzo was the only brewery in Kitakami City before moving to Hanamaki City when it...