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Tokyo-brewed Japanese Sake Debuts In London, and Now Singapore!

日本語はこちら Over 300-year-old sake brewery receives international praise Tokyo is an economic powerhouse that consistently occupies a position among the top-ranked cities of the world. It’s a...

Kanpai Vol. 5: Azumatsuru Brewery

This month’s brewery: AZUMATSURU BREWERY (東鶴酒造) Enjoy a sip of this month’s refreshing and fruity sake. SAKEMARU’s special selection of the month is a sweet sake...

WAttention Reviews: Le Binchotan

Tucked in a corner at the end of Gemmill Lane is the swanky chic tapas bar and restaurant Le Binchotan. Despite having opened its doors just over 2...

Kanpai Vol. 4.5: Kikunosato Shuzo

This month’s brewery: KIKUNOSATO SHUZO (菊の里酒造) SAKEMARU brings you the perfect sake to pair with all foods. Found on a lush land where the Nasu River and...

Kanpai Vol. 4: Yaoshin Breweries

This month’s brewery: YAOSHIN BREWERIES (八百新酒造) Relish in the subtle sweetness of this month’s SAKEMARU selection. This month’s special sake is named after the gangi (雁木, stepped pier)...

ASUKE x BAR IPPUDO: A sake-filled night to remember

IPPUDO, most recognized for its Hakata ramen, was founded by Shigemi Kawahara in 1985. With more than 80 stores in Japan and 40 stores worldwide...

Kanpai Vol. 3: Yameiendo Shuzo

This month’s brewery: Yameiendo Shuzo (山栄遠藤酒造) Found in the southern part of Yamagata, this brewery is surrounded by a plethora of rich natural resources which allows...

Kanpai Vol. 2 : Mikunibare Shuzo

This month’s brewery: Mikunibare Shuzo (皇国晴酒造株式会社) Mikunibare Shuzo is a homely sake brewery tucked away in the cosy town of Ikuji, Kurobe, located in-between Toyama Bay...

Kanpai Vol. 1.5: Tempoichi

This month's brewery: Tempoichi (天寶一酒造) Established in 1910 in Fukuyamashi, Hiroshima, Tempoichi is a small brewery that works together with local famers to produce high-quality sake...

SAKEMARU – Singapore’s First Sake Subscription Service

What is SAKEMARU? SAKEMARU is a sake subscription service that delivers bottles of fresh seasonal sake from different breweries in Japan straight to you. The service only offers...