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Tokyo-brewed Japanese Sake Debuts In London, and Now Singapore!

日本語はこちら Over 300-year-old sake brewery receives international praise Tokyo is an economic powerhouse that consistently occupies a position among the top-ranked cities of the world. It’s a...

East Tokyo: Journey along the Sumida River

Located in the heart of East Tokyo, the Sumida River leads to Tokyo Bay, flowing through several of the metropolis’ iconic spots including Asakusa,...

Make your trip to Japan a joyous one!

Fans of Japan, if you answer YES to these three questions, you might like what you're about to read. Do you want to visit...

The steaks have never been higher

Wish you can bring home melt-in-the-mouth wagyu steak, just like the one you tried at that smokey yakiniku (焼き肉) joint in Japan? Or wanted to recreate the magical love-at-first-bite...

Sakura Season with Starbucks Japan

All ready to welcome sakura season? You're not the only one. Starbucks Japan has already released its annual spring beverages and goods, and they look...

WAttention SG’s guide to getting a makeover in Tokyo

Always wanted to get your hair cut and coloured in Japan? Or fantasized about having the cute nails every Japanese girl seems to sport? We present a...

5 Unique Themed Cafes in Tokyo not to be missed

Maid Cafes and Cat Cafes aside, Japan definitely continues to top the "creative list" with so many  interesting cafes that offer diners a very unique experience....

Japan Prepaid SIM Card Review – Sakura SIM

I had the privilege of reviewing a Prepaid SIM card, courtesy of Sakura SIM, in a recent trip to Japan. This is a new...

Japan’s Wild Side!

Tourists flock to Japan year after year for its deeply-rooted traditions, exquisite cuisine, and vibrant popular cultures. However, nature lovers can also indulge in the...