Tai Parfait introduces premium soft serve ice cream PreCri [CLOSED]

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If you love desserts, especially Japanese desserts, you ought to be familiar with Tai Parfait. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Tai Parfait’s claim to fame is well, Tai Parfait – a taiyaki (鯛焼き) parfait.

Taiyaki, despite what its name suggests, is not actually a baked sea bream. It’s a fish-shaped caked is usually made with pancake or waffle batter and has a sweet filling. The most common filling is azuki (アズキ) bean paste. Other fillings include custard, chocolate or matcha cream.

Tai Parfait’s taiyaki is made using premium almond powder, which gives the dough it’s soft center and cripsy outer. The tai (鯛, sea bream) shape is specially designed with a larger mouth so it can hold a generous amount of toppings.

Tai Parfait Strawberry Chocolate (1)

Strawberry Chocolate ($4.90)Tai Parfait Matcha & Azuki

Matcha Azuki ($5)

Tai Parfait serves a multitude of desserts such as ice cream, matcha and calpis shakes (available exclusively at their Bugis outlet) and, of course, their signature taiyaki parfait. Their taiyaki parfait comes in about 10 flavours, with the top sellers being the Strawberry Chocolate and Matcha Azuki.


This August, Tai Parfait is introducing something to please all sweets lovers – PreCri; premium soft ice cream. Made with fresh milk and cream and a special soft serve mix imported from Japan, PreCri is ice cream for adults. It’s available in three flavours: Vanilla, chocolate and matcha.

PreCri is vanilla-based dessert and has a thick, rich milky flavour that vanilla soft serve connoisseurs will love. It’s sweet, almost cloyingly so. PreCri Chocolate uses the same chocolate sauce as the one used on their taiyaki parfaits, which is thinner and slightly less sweet than the usual one you might get at other places.

If you prefer something to balance it out, choose the matcha option.


The tall swirl of soft serve is well dusted with high quality Kyoto matcha powder which lends a hint of bitterness to the sweet cream. This makes it slightly easier to on those who don’t have such a sweet tooth.

For a limited  time, mention WAttention and get 50% off your second PreCri! 

Tai Parfait
6333 1500
200 Victoria Street

B1-03A Bugis Junction
Open daily: 11am-9.45pm 




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