Unrivaled in quality and taste, Japanese fruits are loved by the world. Among the various fruits that have captured the hearts of many, melons are now in season as we enter the sweltering heat of summer!

Of the many regions in Japan that produces melons, Ibaraki Prefecture located northwest of Tokyo is one to look out for. It accounts for about 25% of melon production, boasting the highest output of melons nationwide. Blessed with a mild climate, favourable temperatures and soil conditions, this region has the perfect environment for cultivating delicious melons.

The famous Takami Melon is one of the melon varieties from Ibaraki Prefecture. Its flesh has a beautiful pale green colour, is extremely juicy and smooth in texture. Exceptionally sweet and fragrant, it leaves behind a satisfying aftertaste.


The premium Takami Melon will be made available in Singapore! To be sold at both Don Don Donki outlets (Orchard Central and 100AM Mall) for a limited period of time, there will also be special tasting sessions during the promotional period while stocks last! Each melon is priced from $12.90, though the exact cost will vary depending on the melon itself and each Don Don Donki branch.

Don’t miss this chance to try the famed Takami Melon!






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