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If you haven’t already read our previous two posts about the good tidings that MAXELL AQUA PARK Shinagawa brings to its visitors, click here and here to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun.

At this family-friendly, world-beating entertainment centre, you won’t just get to learn about the 350 types of marine creatures on exhibit, you’ll also get a whole new aquarium experience unlike no other. Here, you can enjoy seasonal shows custom-made to fresh themes, the highest level of projection mapping and a 360-degree view of the dynamic dolphin show .

Another highlight within the spectacular 11 zones found in the park is the Jellyfish Ramble. This spacious area of about 9 metres by 35 metres houses seven cylindrical aquariums and a large crystal tank in which varieties of jellyfish float in harmony, guided by the gentle movements of the water.


This therapeutic display of bobbing jellyfish is backlit by mood lighting and an accompanying soundtrack so visitors can spend many leisure hours simply watching the calm movements of these graceful creatures as the striking LED lights reflect on their luminous, almost transparent bodies.

Aside from the jellyfish themselves, the space features specially placed mirrored walls and ceilings so the jellyfish and vibrant LED lights reflect on a multitude of surfaces and enhances the entire viewing experience. Around 100 LED lights, along with the aquarium lighting, add colour and dimension to the already breathtaking display. Seasonal programmes that last for about five minutes each are also available every three minutes or so, adding to the growing number of must-see items within the aquarium.

Be sure to take a selfie with the jellyfish or even a timelapse video so you can capture the changing lights and admire the dance of these ocean marvels from the comfort of your home after a brilliant day spent at MAXELL AQUA PARK Shinagawa!





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