We all know that there’s no way frozen fish can taste as good as fresh fish. But Japanese refrigeration company Technican Co. Ltd is confident that with their “TŌMIN Method”, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

As a Japanese fish-lover, you’ve probably seen phrases like “air-flown”, “straight from Tsukiji” or “flash freezing” a lot. These imply that the fish you’re eating (or about to eat) are as close to freshly fished from the sea as they can be. But is it really? All air-flown food has to be frozen before it can be transported, so how “fresh” can your food be?

Well, if you’ve ever thawed frozen food, you’d be familiar with “leaking. This happens because regular air-freezing or liquid nitrogen freezing causes large ice crystals form during the freezing process. Ice crystals created with these freezing methods measure around 100 microns in size while fish and meat cells are usually 20-30 microns. The formation of the large ice crystals leads to cell wall damage which in turn causes food to “leak” and lose their flavour, nutrients and texture.

The solution to this is a flash-freezing method Technican Co. Ltd calls the “TŌMIN Method”. It uses TŌMIN refrigerators and is 20 times faster than air freezing method and eight times faster than liquid nitrogen freezing. This quick drop in temperature creates ice crystals about 20 times smaller (about 5 microns) than the usual. These tiny ice crystals cause minimal to no cell wall damage, thus helping food to retain its freshness, texture, flavour and nutrients.

While not available commercially for regular households, TŌMIN fridges help restaurants to store and serve only the best and freshest fish they have. If you dine on fresh Japanese fish on the (almost) daily, you’ll know how important this is and how easy it is to discern the rich taste of fresh fish versus frozen stock.


TŌMIN Fish Flavour Challenge

For one night only, Technican Co. Ltd will be hosting the TŌMIN Fish Flavour Challenge at Kanda Wadatsumi. Guests will be able to sample a variety of TŌMIN frozen seafood. Think your tongue can tell the difference?

Email RSVP@wattention.com by 10 Jan ’17. Limited seats available. First come first served. Maximum two pax per reservation.
Kanda Wadatsumi
50 Tras Street
6.30pm – 8.30pm (Registration starts at 6pm)
12 Jan ’17 (Thursday)




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