Central Japan

Wander into the Wilderness: The Kumano Kudo (熊野古道)

I wanted novelty on my third trip to Japan. When I chanced upon the Kumano Kudo on my google search, I knew this...

Nagano: Japan’s Nature Wonderland (Kamikochi – Matsumoto) PART TWO

And here we go, PART TWO of Nagano: Japan's Nature Wonderland picks up where we left off after a brilliant night spent at Lemeiesta...

Fallin’ for Hiroshima

Autumn is fast approaching Japan, so we can anticipate the season of koyo (紅葉, autumn foliage), autumn festivals and mouthwatering seasonal produce such as rice,...

Southern Japan

36 Hours gourmet trip in Okinawa main Island

Mention Okinawa and images of white unspoilt beaches and beautiful crystal clear sea...

Sakura spots in Kyoto

Once known as Heian-kyō (平安京, Capital of Peace), Kyoto is a destination rich in culture and...

Japan Travel & Beyond Vol. 5 – Perfect Seasonal Moments

Get to know the hidden gems of Japan! Jet off on one of JTB's specially arranged...

What’s in Shikoku? Vol 2. Ehime Prefecture

Surrounded by the Aegean Sea of Orient, Ehime Prefecture (愛媛県) is blessed with a warm...

Amazing Airbnbs (Okinawa Edition)

1. Sit back by the sea A mere two minutes walk from the beach, staying in this...

Western Japan

Osaka travel guide

Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama, Shiga and Mie — these seven prefectures make up the Kansai region (関西, west border) and are a powerhouse...

Japan Travel & Beyond Vol. 3 – Perfect Seasonal Moments

Looking to discover a side of Japan that you didn't know? Join one of JTB's extensive tour packages, where you can create your very own...

Japan Travel & Beyond Vol. 4 – Perfect Seasonal Moments

Want to explore Japan at a leisurely pace without any worries? Try one of JTB's extensive tour packages and discover your very own perfect seasonal...

Northern Japan

YAMAGATA pt.2: Must go places!

Yamagata is a prefecture filled with natural landscape that form like an artwork ~ While known by its misnomer, as the `Yamadera` Temple, its real...