Kick off your new year with fresh seafood!

So a good half of January has already flown by, and what better way to celebrate surviving that than with another tempting fish seminar/tasting session at Kanda Wadatsumi?

This month, power up your sakana (魚, fish) knowledge by learning about the prized Kanpachi (勘八). Literally translated to “eight in the centre”, its name comes from a mark on the fish that resembles the Japanese kanji for eight (八).

Otherwise known as the Greater Amberjack, this fish may sometimes be confused with the Hamachi (はまち, yellowtail).
Although both fish are from the “jack” family, some Japanese restaurants label hamachi as Japanese Amberjack, so diners may think they’re the same fish.

Once an island in the bay and now a peninsula in Kyushu, Sakurajima is renowned for its kanpachi catch. Kinko Bay, located in between Sakurajima and mainland Kagoshima, has warm water all year and a depth exceeding 200 metres. These ideal fish farming conditions mean that the area provides 60% of the entire nation’s kanpachi!

Aquaculture-raised kanpachi is springier and has less fats, but is also known to be more flavourful compared to Hamachi. Rich in vitamins, these kanpachi are raised on special feed that rids them of any fishy smell and taste.
Fished in the waters of the China Sea and all around southern Japan, this fish is not readily available outside the country so this is a rare chance to taste it!

At the upcoming seminar/tasting session, Chef Hara will serve up a medley fantastic dishes:

Aside from kanpachi, participants will also get to savour delicious medai (メダイ) or the Pacific barrelfish. In season from January to March, they are called tarume (タルメ) by locals. With a nice balance of fats, the fish can be cooked in a variety of ways including steamed, salt-grilled or fried as tempura. The bones are also thick and easy to spot, a bonus for those who dislike the hassle of picking out fine bones.

If you’re interested in learning more about the upcoming Fish Seminar, head to our Facebook page to reserve your seat!!

*All participants for the seminar will be selected via WAttention SG Facebook only.
Independent emails or calls to the restaurant will be ignored.

198095202-1401854504_lKanda Wadatsumi and JF Zengyoren import fresh seasonal fish from different Japanese prefectures for your learning and sampling pleasure regularly.

The Japanese Fish Seminar
Sat, 20 Jan’18
12pm – 3pm
Kanda Wadatsumi
50 Tras Street




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