So you’ve found the perfect hotel for a trip to Japan but it’s way out of your budget, so you close the tab and keep looking.
This time, you’ve found an affordable one but it’s far from ideal.

The solution? Scream in frustration and give up your search? Not so fast, because Prince Hotels & Resorts is here to save the day.

The renowned hotel chain was established in 1956 by the Seibu Group, which also owns Seibu Railway. Since its founding, Prince Hotels has offered quality facilities and services on all their properties.

This time, we take a closer look at Towada Prince Hotel, a full-scale resort hotel located on the western shore of Lake Towada in Akita Prefecture.

Boasting 34 rooms which overlook the lake and another 32 that face the mountainside, Towada Prince Hotel is a spacious home away from home.

Nestled in the heart of nature, the hotel has a brightly lit restaurant with a marvellous view of the lake that seats up to 120 people and a huge lounge space as well.

The restaurant specialises in French cuisine, dishing out a series of palate-pleasing course menus made using fresh domestic produce.

A special seven-course dinner is also available this year as the hotel celebrates its 40th anniversary. The luxurious menu features scallop tartar, foie gras, juicy grilled wagyu sirloin and ends off with three kinds of desserts.

Designated a natural scenic spot because of the small number of buildings in the area, the property occupies an immense area. Guests can even opt to dine in the private garden next to the lake while enjoying the cool breeze.

Aside from feasting to your stomach’s content, you can also soak off the day’s weariness in the hotel’s natural hot spring.

The source of the waters comes from Towadako Nishikigako Onsen (十和田湖西湖畔温泉). Soaking in the comfortably hot spring is said to ease tiredness and aid joint stiffness as well as chronic gastric illnesses.

One unique experience not to be missed at Towada Prince Hotel is star-gazing. With few buildings occupying the vast expanse of land and hardly any light pollution, the view of the starry night sky is unbeatable. The clear sky can also be seen from the outdoor onsen too!

For a romantic evening, treat your partner to a glass of champagne or wine under the stars! The clear view of sparkling diamonds in the sky is bound to create a memorable moment.

Furthermore, get to enjoy a line-up of exclusive benefits when you join SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi. Get the best hotel rates, advance reservation rights and even discounted prices to attractions around the area. For more information, visit the members’ page here!

So the next time you visit the Tohoku region, make Towada Prince your preferred accommodation!

Nishikohan Towadako Kosaka-machi,
Kazuno-gun Akita, Japan 018-5511




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