Tsukishima (月島): A lesser known side of Tokyo

Just across the channel from Tsukiji Fish Market lies the unique island of Tsukishima. While parts of this reclaimed land have been redeveloped to accommodate high-rise apartments, some of the charming neighbourhoods resembling old Tokyo remain intact.

Tsukishima Monja Street: Get your mini spatula ready

Credit: WAttention Tokyo

To the west of Nakadori Shopping Street, you will find a row of 52 monjayaki (もんじゃ焼き) restaurants at Tsukishima Monja Street to choose from. The dish comprises of finely-chopped cabbage, seafood, meat and cheese, and is pan-fried with batter on an iron plate. Grab your personal hagashi (はがし, iron spatula) and tuck right into this savoury Japanese pancake!


Access: 1-minute walk from Tsukishima Station Exit 7 (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)

Tsukushima Kohagido: Nostalgic old-school senbei

Credit: WAttention Tokyo

Nestled in the land of monjayaki is a vintage senbei (せんべい, rice cracker) shop that dates all the way back to 1933. From huge glass jars to old-fashion weighing scales and wall decorations written in classical Japanese texts, the interior provides the perfect setting to enjoy these crunchy snacks that have been loved by generations!


Address: 1-19-4 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku

Opening hours: 9:30am – 8pm

Closed on Wed, 2nd Tue & Thu of every month

Admission: 3-minute walk from Tsukishima Station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)

Tsukishima Monja Shinkoukai: The perfect souvenir

Credit: WAttention Tokyo

Looking for an interesting gift to take home? The information centre at Tsukishima Monja Street sells all sorts of unique items. Recreate and share your monjya experience back home with a make-your-own-monjya kit!


Address: 1F Aimaku Tower, 1-8-1 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku

Opening hours: 9am – 8pm

Closed on weekends

Access: 1-minute walk from Tsukishima Station Exit 7 (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)

Tsukuda Kobashi: Where old meets new


Here, the striking contrast of the classic red bridge against the contemporary high-rise buildings in the distance has made the area a popular photo destination. As you venture deeper into the neighbourhood, you will be able to experience more historical and modern architecture existing side by side.


Address: 1 Tsukuda, Chuo-ku

Access: 5-minute walk from Tsukishima Station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)

Ishikawajima Lighthouse: A hidden gem in the city

Erected in 1866, this lighthouse was built to guide vessels up the Sumida River. Enjoy the breathtaking views from up here!


Address: In vicinity of Tsukuda Park, 1 Tsukuda, Chuo-ku

Access: 7-minute walk from Tsukishima Station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line )

(This feature first appeared on WAttention Singapore magazine, Jul/Aug 2018 Vol. 45) 




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