Tuck into mega yummy Mega Don from Sumire

Japanese are known to be extremely passionate about food challenges and almost always happy to chomp down huge portions of food. In fact, many ogui (大食い, big-eaters) talents have their own dedicated youtube channels featuring videos of themselves eating giant foods.

While it is common to find super-sized portions as food challenges at various dining establishments, they can sometimes make up part of the regular menu too. Regularly called ōmori (大盛り, large portion), other names include words like “mega” (メガ) or even “jumbo” (ジャンボ or “janbo”) too.

Fluffy, towering pancakes from Gram!
Credits: TokyoCheapo
Giant gyoza that is almost the size of a newborn; photo credits: TokyoCheapo

For the big eater looking to chow down a large portion of Japanese food in Singapore, you can now challenge yourself to Sumire’s new offering — the Mega Don.

Beef Mega Don ($13.80), made with US short plate

Piled high with 250g of deliciously char-grilled beef slices atop 300g of warm, fragrant Japanese rice, this bowl is guaranteed to satisfy. The thin beef slices are well coated in a savoury sauce and layered with moyashi (もやし, beansprouts). The addition of these crunchy veggies helps to keep the taste and texture of the dish from getting too monotonous. An onsen egg is also served on the side, so at any point when you start to feel gelat (Malay expression to denote extreme weariness at repetition), simply add in the egg! By mixing in the runny yolk, the taste becomes maroyaka (まろやか, mellow).

Pork Mega Don ($12.80) which uses pork imported from Holland

Non-beef eaters fret not, as there is a pork version available too! Similarly, this bowl comes with 250g of perfectly marinated pork slices and 300g of rice topped with the onsen egg. Bean sprouts are also found in between layers of tender pork. The slightly sweet sauce has a great balance of flavours, while the pork slices are neither too fatty nor chewy.

Both beef and pork don sets come with miso soup and are only available during lunchtime on weekdays.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to fill your tummy with this generous offering from Sumire!!

Sumire Yakitori House
200 Victoria Street, #01-88/89
Opening hours: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Tel: 6338 9963






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