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WAttention Plaza Handicraft Fair

WAttention Plaza Handicraft Fair

If you love Japanese crafted items, then you should head down to WAttention Plaza at Jurong Point for the  Handicraft Fair. From desserts to fashion, practical household items to accessories, the fair has something for everyone.

Hailing from Kyoto, and available for the first time outside of Japan, is Friand’s award winning Rikyu Matcha terrine and chocolate terrine. Friand is a well-known brand that opened in Higashiyama, Kyoto in 1972 and is part of one of Kyoto’s famous Hamamachi areas, that houses various ochiya (geisha house) and ochaya (tea house).


This Kyoto Uji Sweets Diamond Prize winner is a dessert famous amongst the locals – especially the geisha and maiko (geisha-in-training). The terrines are made from high quality ingredients such as French Valrhona chocolate, Uji Matcha, Dianagon Azuki beans and Tamba chestnuts.

IMG_9597The Rikyu matcha terrine has a rich, slightly bitter flavour that comes only from top grade matcha and is pleasantly complemented by the natural sweetness of the chestnuts and creamy texture of the red beans.

The chocolate terrine has a denser texture and is sweeter than the Rikyu but still leaves a bitter-sweet after taste that isn’t too overwhelming.

Both terrines have a smooth, slightly pudding- like texture that melts in your mouth and is best served cold. What’s surprising is that while the terrine may feel frozen at first touch, it’s actually soft and velvety when you bite into it. Due to it’s slightly complex and not-so-sugary-sweet flavour, the terrines are favoured more as an adult dessert. But thanks to it’s delicious taste and unique consistency, it will be popular with all ages. Plus, the pretty packaging makes it a delightful gift for friends, family and the work place.

Friand’s Rikyu matcha terrine and chocolate terrine are available till the end of the week at WAttention Plaza, Jurong Point. They cost $30 a piece and is worth every dollar.

While you’re at WAttention Plaza, also check out Aoyama Momo’s fashionable’s booth.


Designed by famous Japanese designer Momo, these apparel are made from luxurious Japanese fabrics often used for kimonos and yukata. Momo is well known for her east-meets-west fusion bespoke kimono, formal dresses and wedding gowns. She often takes cuts from western fashions and weaves them together with traditional Japanese fabrics.

IMG_9895 IMG_9926

The beautiful embroidered bags are the perfect accessory to brighten up or to add a touch of personality to any look. They are usually available in brighter colours, especially red and gold.

IMG_9697Richly coloured kimono-inspired jackets add a tasteful and colourful flair to any LBD or outfit for a formal occasion.


While the yukata-like shift dresses and tops are light and airy, perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather. They come in a wide variety of patterns and colours to suit all tastes. Each individual piece is made with care and it shows in the details and stitching.

Another interesting booth at WAttention Plaza is the Forged Knife booth.

IMG_8459 IMG_8468

Japan is famous for their high quality chef knives and at this booth there are plenty for you to choose from; the Santoku bocho (Japanese general kitchen knife) is one of the most popular items.  The booth also sells other everyday items such as mimikaki (ear cleaners), nail clippers and scissors.

Also available at the fair are gorgeous pearl accessories like necklaces and earrings.

IMG_8440 IMG_8449

These pearls are glossier, shinier and have clearer, stronger colours ranging from satiny pink and white to dramatic gold and black. The pearls  are also known as “Mermaid’s Tears” and are loved for their mystical beauty. These legendary Shiratama (white gems) are harvested from around the Kobe area and the oyster shells feature a rainbow

The Handicraft Fair will be on till 10 July 2015 at WAttention Plaza, Jurong Point.

63 Jurong West Central 3
#B1-78A Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Mon – Sun: 11am-9pm
Japanese Website

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