Caught up in the Pokémon Go hunting fever? If you’ve exhausted all your city options, why not head to the any one of the three wildlife parks in Singapore for a trek to see both real and animated creatures at the same time. Talk about killing two Pidgeys with one stone.


Plus, this weekend (13-14 August 2016) over 500 lures will be released throughout the three parks and they’ll be having a lucky dip just for avid trainers which makes it the best time to catch them all. So we headed down to the Singapore Zoo to check out the scene and here’s our guide to becoming the very best (like no one ever was) at the Singapore Zoo!

Getting there 

There are a couple of ways you can get to any of the parks. The easiest (and most costly) way is to grab a cab. Alternatively, check out the Singapore Zoo‘s and Jurong Bird Park‘s websites for information on which buses and trains to take to get there.

However, if you live in the Bedok, Tampines or Sengkang, you can grab the Mandai Express which will take you directly to the Singapore Zoo/River Safari for just $3! Just remember to book your bus tickets beforehand here.


Click image to buy tickets

While all of the parks have a different entry fee, there are bundled park tickets that will let you visit any combination of Singapore Zoo-River Safari-Bird Park of your choice.

For the month of August visitors can enjoy up 51% off bundled admission to Singapore Zoo and River Safari or Jurong Bird Park.

But if you’re serious about going hunting at the parks you should consider getting a membership instead as it’s cheaper in the long run if you plan to return to the parks multiple times.


Connect to the Singapore Zoo’s free Wi-Fi to save on data charges. It is strongest at the entrance and at the Elephants of Asia exhibit, and gets a little spotty further out but it’s good where you can get it.

Check the maps

There are maps all over the wildlife parks to help you figure out how to plan your route. The maps cover all the known Pokéstops and the gyms in the area. There over 70 Pokéstops and eight gyms: one at Singapore Zoo, one at Night Safari, two at River Safari and four at Jurong Bird Park.

Play nice

There are “Survival Guide”s and Trainers’ Maps all over the parks. Do read them and remember not to trespass into restricted zones, harass the animals and watch out for trams!


It’s the fastest way to hatch eggs without tiring yourself out. Walking around and exploring the entire park is the best way to cover distance and hatch any eggs you might have but walking for 10km can be hard on your feet, so hop on a tram instead (they go slower than 15km/hr anyway which is just right for egg hatching).

What you’ll find at the Singapore Zoo

You’ll find an abundance of regular Pokémon in the park which are great as candy-fodder for evolving first evolution status Pokémon. But you can also expect to find a lot of Evees, some elusive Dratinis (near the giraffes) and Snorlaxes (near the entrance of the Singapore Zoo.

Visit the Pokéstops


There’s a great abundance of Pokéstops all over the park which is perfect for refilling on Pokéballs, potions and revives. The Pokéstops are sometimes in unexpected places or (occasionally) even at spots that aren’t around any more but it’s not that big a deal.

Battle the gym

Keep an eye out for the gym which is constantly changing team ownership. It’s an easy way to gain exp and there’s rarely a full team or super high CP Pokémon there all the time too. The gym is close to the giraffe enclosure in the Tropical Plants park.



Remember to hydrate and keep yourself cool as you stroll around. If your phone starts to feel really hot try holding it against a cold bottle of water as it helps to draw the heat from your phone.

Alternatively, head to the Tundra exhibit and say hi to Inuka the polar bear at his cool, shaded enclosure. Time it right and you can also enjoy a show and learn more about him at the same time. Some other sheltered animal exhibits you can visit along the way are the Snake House and Lion enclosure.

Follow Wildlife Reserves Singapore on Facebook 

Stay up to date with the latest events by following their Facebook page, you never know when they’ll have another massive event like this one again!

For the weekend of 13-14 August 2016, over 500 lures will be released throughout the three parks at these times:

Jurong Bird Park: 10am – 2pm
River Safari: 1pm – 5pm
Singapore Zoo: 10am – 2pm

Plus, take part in their lucky dip to win amazing prizes such as free annual membership and plush toys. All you have to do is flash eight screenshots of different Pokémon within park at the redemption booths found at the entrance of each park at these times:

Jurong Bird Park: 2pm – 2.30pm
River Safari: 5pm – 5.30pm
Singapore Zoo: 2pm – 2.30pm


Don’t forget to brag about your amazing catches on Instagram and hashtag #pokemongotowrs to stand a chance to a 42-inch Ah Meng plush toy!

Take plenty of photos

Remember to snap photos of the Pokémon you catch at with real life animals. If you’re really lucky, you might even get one with their real life counter part!

These wildlife parks are a great place to learn more about the real animals that inspired the creation of certain Pokémon. Why not challenge your friends and see how many you can recognise at each of the parks?


If the Pokémon aren’t appearing where you would like them to in the photo simply run away, reposition your phone to your ideal photo spot and tap to catch the Pokémon again. They should appear within the area that you want to capture the photo in.

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