Donburi is more than just a Japanese rice bowl. It has evolved over the years and developed an identity of its own. In this feature, we take a look at how Donburi is adored by the Japanese and is served differently in some regions.
Here are some of the interesting donburi trends in Japan!

Katte Don: Customise your own Donburi at Washo Market in Hokkaido

Dig into a bowl of Katte don which is served with raw seafood on top of a bed of rice.

It’s time to get creative and create your own Katte Don (raw seafood served on top of a bowl of white rice) at Washo Market in Hokkaido! Here is where you can hold a bowl of rice and walk around the market to choose your favourite ingredients (mostly sashimi) from the stores.

The history of Katte Don can be traced back when a traveller stopped by at Washo Market and bought a bowl of rice. However, to his surprise, one of the store owners offered him some fresh seafood on top of his rice.


Regions adopting a unique version of a single donburi   

Unadon comes with grilled eel fillets atop on steamed white rice.

The classic Una Don can be eaten in three styles―Hitsumabushi follows the Nagoya-style cooking complete with an ochazuke set; Seiro Mushi originating from Fukuoka places grilled unagi in a bamboo steamer; Osaka has adopted the style of Mamushi Donburi.

Hitsumabushi is a local eel dish which has been originated at the end of the Meiji Era. To eat this Japanese fish dish, divide the Hitsumabushi into four portions: place one of them in a bowl and savour it as it is; the second serving should be eaten with condiments (wasabi horseradish or nori); the third helping can be eaten with seasonings as well as green tea or broth poured over it. Lastly, you can relish the rest of the eel with any way you like!


Different donburi for different seasons

In a little coastal town in Sendai Prefecture, a store called Kisetsu Ryōri Shinoya (季節料理志のや) serves up limited-edition donburi according to the catch of the season.

Ikura Don is salmon roe (ikura) atop a bed of rice. Photo: Blue Lotus/Flickr

In summer, they specialise in Uni Don and Una Don, while in winter, Ikura Don steals the limelight. Ikura Don is simply rice served with salmon roe. This simple yet tasty meal is so satisfying that you will keep wanting more!


National Donburi Summit (全国丼サミット)

Because of the overpouring love the Japanese have for Donburi, there is an annual official gathering for various prefectures to showcase their speciality Donburi!

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the event will be held from 10-11 Nov’ 18 at Tahara City in Aichi Prefecture.


 (This feature is part of our upcoming event: Donburi Revolution which will be held from 19 to 21 Oct’18 at Marina Square Central Atrium. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates!) 




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